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St Alfred X Asics Gel Lyte III.

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Kanye West


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Nike Air Max 90-Hyperfuse-White-Independence Day. 

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Reebok inferno.

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The Rosa tee from #AREVALOCO’s Delivery 0003. Now available at AREVALO-CO.com! (at AREVALO-CO.com)


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The Zen and The Florist 5-panel campers from Arevalo & Co’s Delivery 0003 Collection. You can view the whole collection over at AREVALO-CO.COM.

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submission from: http://arevalo-co.tumblr.com/

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Nike Roshe-Bone/White.

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urban-buddha asked:

Hey, could you please give me some tips on how to improve my style? I've always been interested in streetwear, but I'm still in high school so I can't easily buy whatever I want. Also, I'm not too stylish, at least not as much as some dudes are. Are there any brands you recommend or anything i should buy? I'm not that creative when it comes to planning outfits. Haha thanks man :)

Hey! cheers for getting in touch!

I get what you’re saying about being in high school, streetwear at the moment especially is rocketing in price so I would avoid any of the big brands like Supreme, Carhartt etc and go for a smaller brand such as Huf or possibly Only NY.

Being in high school with limited funds, I would recommend checking out eBay regularly. Set up a tracked tag for different brands and check them every few days. Set yourself a budget though and don’t get dragged into bidding frenzies! (Remember to check websites incase the item has gone on sale and is infact cheaper then what it’s on eBay for)

Style wise, you can’t go wrong with this classic streetwear style:

5 panel cap, oversized t-shirt, skinny jeans/chinos/short shorts, and stand-out trainers.

Cap wise: 5 panel/up-standing beanie. (remember it doesn’t actually need to be real, fake supreme caps go for anything up to £20 on eBay, I picked one up for £5 and nobody can tell it’s fake.)

T-shirt: Oversized but not too oversized. More length then width! Back print is very in at the moment so look for that! Stussy is good here because the brand has been around for years and has loads of t-shirts about on eBay!

Jeans: Roll the bottoms up to show your ankles/highlight focus onto your trainers. In winter do the same but wear socks underneath.

Trainers: Start basic with some Nike Air. Running style shoes are very in at the moment but worn wrong, you can end up looking like you have no style but Nike Air is a pretty safe bet, I would recommend a Nike Air Max 1 to begin. Make your trainers contrast with your jeans. Blue jeans + a trainer with red on it is classic. From there experiment further with new balance, asics, adidas and saucony)

(I know this is long but it’s worth it haha, last point!) 

outfit building wise, I work for topshop and topman and it’s specifically my job to dress mannequins and build outfits for people so trust me!

White based t-shirts are a very safe bet. Oversized with some skinny, dark denim blue jeans, rolled up with some red trainers and a red cap. You’re good to go.

Hope this helped a little bit atleast! Give me a shout if you need anything else, and let me know what you end up buying/photos etc! 

Good luck!